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5 Reasons to Choose Seccom Global’s Managed Security Solutions

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03 Jan 2019

Today’s Information Technology world is completely different than it was even 10 years ago. This can create a big headache for a company that hasn’t re-evaluated its IT security services for a few years. Technology is much more complex and more difficult to run & maintain than it used to be; rather than trying to address all the issues in-house, many businesses are now exploring the option of using managed security solutions.

Here are 5 reasons for Australian companies to consider Seccom Global’s managed security solutions if they’re looking to revamp their level of online security:

1 – Agile – Able to respond quicker than “the big boys” for a higher level of service

This is a primary reason to partner with Seccom Global. We have the ability to provide IT and Information Security Services (ISS) and are able to build out, assist with, and / or support the systems we install with ease and efficiency. Seccom Global provides a very high level of service for our clients’ investment with system-centric solutions for business networks. One of Seccom Global’s most unique features that sets us apart from the competition is our ability to be agile and quick to respond when our clients require our assistance.

2 – Customised Solutions – Not a “one size fits all” model

A successful cyber security company’s speed and agility comes from the systems they put in place and maintain for a business. They are able to customise a solution that meets the needs of the customer without introducing too much overhead. The supplier will be able to determine which features will help a client based on their specific needs, and which features will hinder their operations.

3 – Industry-Recognised Leader – #1 Managed Security Service Provider

Recognised as a leader in the field of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) in Australia, Seccom has participated in such events as the On-line Retailer Conference and the e-Commerce Expo to assist retailers in maintaining digital security. Our presence and leadership at these events has helped strengthen Seccom’s position in the marketplace.

4 – Wide Range of Solutions – Able to meet almost any network security need

Seccom Global provides an extensive list of managed security solutions for clients who want to customise the network services being implemented for their business. Some of our managed network solutions include: managed firewalls and secure Internet connectivity, cloud-based virtual servers and hosting, disaster recovery and back-up services, design of wireless networks, SIEM security, IP telephony design,auditing and consulting, migration and technical support, and more.

The team at Seccom Global are experts in fitting all of these services together into a cohesive managed service that provides exactly what a business needs to move forward.

5 – Trusted by Reputable Companies

Seccom Global is the managed security provider for some of the top business brands in Australia, including Toyota, Breville, the RSPCA, LJ Hooker, the Australian Red Cross, and the Sydney Opera House. These companies trust Seccom Global to ensure their network security needs – and their brand – are protected against security threats.

They also look to Seccom Global for excellent customer support to keep their systems up and running without interruption. Seccom Global will continue to lead in the managed security space with their unique approach, fresh thinking and strong focus on customer service.

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